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BetaBit: Mini Games from Adventures of Beta and Bit

Two games: proton and frequon. Both are console-based data-crunching games for younger and older data scientists. Act as a data-hacker and find Slawomir Pietraszko's credentials to the Proton server. You have to solve four data-based puzzles to find the login and password. There are many ways to solve these puzzles. You may use loops, data filtering, ordering, aggregation or other tools. Only basics knowledge of R is required to play the game, yet the more functions you know, the more approaches you can try. The knowledge of 'dplyr' package is not required but may be very helpful. This game is linked with the Pietraszko's Cave story available at <>. It's a part of Beta and Bit series. You will find more about the Beta and Bit series at <>.